IRL Kaiserslautern

The research at the Institute for Wireless Communication and Navigation at Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität Kaiserslautern-Landau (RPTU, formerly Technische Universität Kaiserslautern) focuses on 5G mobile communications, communication solutions for industry as well as security for industry 4.0. In all three domains, the institute is involved in relevant national and European research projects.

In the context of the EU projects METIS, METIS II and 5G NORMA significant experience was gained regarding 5G architecture, virtualization concepts and network slicing.

Also in the area of security for industrial scenarios and network security, expertise was generated within the project HiFlecs and as an expert group leader for “security and safety” within the BMBF-funded secondary research program „Zuverlässige drahtlose Kommunikation in der Industrie“ (reliable wireless communication in industry, BZKI).

Regarding coexistence management, RPTU was already involved in the BMBF project „CoMoRa“. The insights from this project could also be exploited within the expert group “coexistence, architecture, and interfaces” within the abovementioned BMBF project BZKI.

Research Topics

The research agenda of the IRL Kaiserslautern is aligned with the topics pursued at RPTU  and comprises:

    • Coexistence management
      • Monitoring of wireless communications through artificial intelligence, analysis of anomalies and development of algorithms to detect them
      • Development, test, evaluation, and implementation of methods for spectrum management
      • Research and development of control and management concepts (including coexistence management) for industrial networks, e.g. based on artificial intelligence

    • Verification and certification
      • Analysis of radio system integration into existing industrial systems
      • Investigation of regulatory aspects and studys regarding coexistence
      • Conducting measurement campaigns to assess field strength in different industrial scenarios

    • IT security
      • Security solutions for industrial and wireless communication, Analysis of detection of jammers, honey pots and wireless firewalls
      • Experiments regarding coexistence and security of wireless solutions, penetration tests

    • Research of wireless systems regarding reliability aspects in industrial applications
      • Joint erasure and error correction coding
      • Multiple access methods
      • Multipathing

  • 5G campus networks
    • Ensuring the privacy of sensitive data through private networks
    • Investigation of private 5G networks in unlicensed bands


The IRL Dresden studies the following topics in particular:
  • Resilient industrial campus networks
  • Real time spectrum sensing & interference monitoring
  • Jamming detection & mitigation
  • Communication control co-design
  • Industrial radio interface design for URLLC
  • IoT cross-layer design
  • Tactile Internet applications and technologies
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The IRL Bremen covers the aspects:
  • Interconnection of satellite and terrestrial communications systems
  • Artificial intelligence in communications systems
  • Co-design of communication and control
  • Spectrum monitoring mechanisms
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At the IRL Kaiserslautern, the focus lies on:
  • Resilient systems
  • Coexistence management
  • IT and network security
  • Verification and certification
  • Dependability
  • 5G campus networks
  • Industrial radio intelligence
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The following topics are investigated at the IRL Magdeburg:
  • Applications and requirements of water management
  • Wireless solutions for the water industry
  • Protection against active environmental influences
  • Specifications of interference profiles
  • Measures for improving robustness
  • Coexistence management
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